You’ve heard it before when talking about the interior design of a home – particularly when designing a kitchen: granite is the way to go. Granite means luxury. Granite is the top of the line”.

There’s no question for most people, granite is one of the top choices when planning the interior design of your kitchen. It’s beautiful, there are many choices of color and design, it’s durable and it lasts.  In fact, it’s almost something everyone talks about when looking at the interior design of a home.  For example, many real estate agents will tell you, when someone is looking at a home to buy, they may say, “wow, did you see the beautiful granite countertops?” For some, it may even imply the entire home is well built, and the interior design is top notch throughout.

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There is another option out there that seems to be getting more and more attention: concrete countertops!

When thinking about concrete, you may be thinking more along the lines of “driveway”! But it’s far from that.

What is a concrete countertop made of? There are different “mixes”, including aggregate and concrete.

We found this website that explains more about concrete countertops.

So, there you go, when completing, or thinking about the interior design of your kitchen – or other countertops, such as your bathrooms, laundry room, even outdoor kitchen, there are other many upgraded options! Both are beautiful choices.

One other thing to mention – this is an example of the benefits of building a Timber Block home. On top of the benefits of system building, always ending up with a beautiful home – and certainly one that is highly energy efficient, you are able to complete the interior design of your home the way you want. We also offer full custom homes, and have partners in the field – we can help set you up with a builder, GC, interior designer, and more.

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