Designing the interior of your dream home is likely the most fun you’ll have in your new home journey. The final interior design touches will reflect who you are, what is unique about you and your family, your taste and your style.


The interior is also the final step in watching your new home come together! Where do you start?

Because Timber Block has the ability to customize any floor plan, you will be completely aware of every corner of your home. From the design, shape and size of each room, to the actual rooms themselves. This will help when planning your interior, considering you will know what furniture, artwork, lighting, knick-knacks, etc. will fit and suit each room.


Knowing what you like is a good place to start. Plus, looking at other interiors of homes will certainly help. For example, on our Facebook page, Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram, we are posting interior photos of our homes daily. Our followers absolutely love this, because this gives future home owners a great idea of what they like, what they feels looks good, and overall what they like and what they don’t.


Another great tip: Don’t worry too much about being matchy-matchy. Many home owners choose to have a different look and feel in each room! When you head to a furniture store, you’ll notice there are plenty of “sets” set up. If you decide to just buy the whole thing, your own home many lack uniqueness, and result in a bland feel. This is YOUR home – you want your home to look like you!


It’s always good to take your time and shop around. Think about this: when you chose a home manufacturer, a design, a floor plan, you shopped around. You did your research, and felt good in your final decision. This is the same thing – shop around! Surf the web! Visit tons of stores! You may be surprised how good you’re going to get at interior design just by looking around.

interior design week

Also, you don’t need to feel like you need to buy everything all at once. Don’t feel bad or worry if one or more of your rooms feels “empty” at first. Furnishing a room is another decision you will have to live with for a long time, so once again, taking your time will pay off in long run.


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