What stage of planning your home are you in? Whether you’re in the process of choosing a location, buying land, working with our design team to come up with your final floor plan, land development, wall raising, or just about to move in, now is the time to start thinking about the interior design of your home.


Okay, so this can be tricky. Your interior design is going to be a complete reflection of yourself, your family – your style. So today, we want to talk about how to make sure you can ensure a bright, cheerful, comfy and happy home!


First, you’ll notice, almost all of our homes have many large (and energy efficient, of course) windows. This lets in plenty of natural light, which not only brightens up your home, but it’s good for your health! Natural light has been proven to enhance your mood!

Another way to brighten up your home is to include a loud, colorful picture or wall decoration to your wood walls. Because many of our home owners choose to keep their interior walls as wood – because our engineered wood homes are so beautiful to begin with, you can add a colorful picture – it will stand out beautifully!


Also, you can contrast. Meaning, you can use different stain colors, which will really enhance your walls, beams, and trim.


When thinking about your interior design, remember to think about your accent furniture. Meaning, you can add a piece of furniture that is a completely different color than any of your walls, or other furniture. If this is done tastefully and properly, it can be a show piece that will have all of your friends talking!


There are so many ways to showcase your personality in your home! If you want to see what many of our other home owners have done with their interior design, click here to head to our photo gallery.


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