Timber Block Insulated Log Homes is inviting everyone to join us for another spectacular wall raising.

If you haven’t ever been to a Timber Block wall raising, this is the perfect opportunity to watch just how quick and efficient the walls of a Timber Block home go up!


This home is being built in Lake Pleasant, New York. You are invited to join us at 9 am, Thursday, June 26.  Email dmansfield@timberblock.com, or call 866-929-5647 to RSVP. We will give you the directions when you RSVP.

To go over the Timber Block process, and what happens leading up to the wall raising, here’s an overview:

Once you’ve made the decision to build a Timber Block home, your first step is to finalize  your floor plan. Once that’s complete, your home goes into “production”.  This is where your logs are cut, sanded, insulated, stained, thru-bolted every 24 inches, and bonded under thousands of pounds of pressure. This basically is where your walls are formed – and all of this is done in our quality controlled environment – keeping  your logs safe from the weather elements and other nasty “outside” things (like bugs, for example). It’s very important your brand new logs are taken care of in their “baby” stage – before your home is completely constructed.


Then, the window areas are cut out, and protected – for easy on-site installation. The walls are stacked onto a truck, and off we go to your build site! Another benefit? The walls of most Timber Block homes under 3000 square feet can be delivered on one truck – saving tons on delivery costs!


Now it’s time for your wall raising!

This is such an amazing part of your building process. Check this out: This a time lapse video of the wall raising of one of our model homes:


To learn more about Timber Block, or to be a part of Thursday’s wall raising or find out about future wall raisings in your area, email info@timberblock.com, or call us at 866-929-5647.

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