It’s almost hard to believe, or in fact – even think of – but it’s time to start your landscaping plans for your dream home.


Whether your home was recently built a few months ago, is under construction now, or will be built this spring or early summer, now is the time to start gathering ideas for your landscaping.


So where to start?

Of course, the internet is always a great place to begin! You can search landscaping images for ideas. There are also tons of landscaping magazines and books, and right now is when the home and garden shows are well underway – this is the perfect place to really get a good handle on where to start, and where you want to go with your landscaping.

Something that is very important when thinking about your landscaping, is the area and climate you live in. For example, some plants and flowers will grow great in one area, but won’t survive at all in another area. Your local landscaping companies will know exactly what will grow well where you are. This is why attending the shows is a good idea. If you can’t get to a show, contacting a few local landscapers will work.


It’s also important to consider which way your house will face. Telling your landscaper this information will help him or her know what will work well for your property. Many landscapers will come to your home to help draw out a plan.


Lighting: We love when our home owners light up their landscaping! The proper lighting can really add to the curb appeal of your home, and make your plants, flowers, trees and even grass stand out beautifully!

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Once again, searching through photos is your best bet to kick start your plans! To search through pictures of current Timber Block home owner’s homes, click here.

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