Early this Friday morning, we posted a home, inspired by Timber Block’s Classic Model. The modified Lausanne is a gorgeous model home, and perfect for either a primary residence or vacation home.

This modified Lausanne has everything you want in a log cabin home on the interior, but the home owners went for a “different” look on the exterior. When it was posted on our Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and our other pages and sites, there were some great reactions to this special Lausanne.

This is our Classic Lausanne:


And the Lausanne stock plan:


And now here’s our Home of the Week! This is inspired by our beautiful Lausanne:



Isn’t it amazing how our customer’s choices result in a completely unique home?

We are absolutely in love with this Lausanne. Let’s get inside and take a peek!






And heading into the kitchen:


How about those red accented cabinets! So cool!


Everything about this home is absolutely wonderful, including the basement!


Does it get any better than this? Well….you won’t believe this, but check out this view. (We are totally in heaven.)


What a dream come true for these brand new home owners!

We are so very proud to be able to offer our customers exactly what they want. Because of our patented system building process, we can modify any of our plans (We can also help you save by design. Contact a Timber Block location near you to find out how.)

Our homes are made with the most beautiful, top notch wood. Our wood is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content, making sure you never have to worry about settling or checking – something that is always a concern with a traditionally-built log home.

And…expect your energy bills to go down. A tight thermal envelope, and R-30 wall insulation (standard in every Timber Block home – R-36 is now available) ensures your home will feel perfect inside, all while enjoying lower energy bills.

Like what you see? Find out more. Click here to find a location near you.

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