As part of interior week at Timber Block Engineered Wood Homes, today, we turn the focus on light fixtures. When building, designing and completing any home, light fixtures are almost the last thing to be installed. Face it, if you didn’t have light fixtures, you wouldn’t have, well – light! And although the majority of Timber Block home owners plan to have an abundance of windows in their homes, letting in plenty of natural light, their homes are full of light fixtures.

After building hundreds of homes all over the world, we’ve noticed just how a light fixture can complete the overall look of a room. The right light fixture ends up not only being functional, but becomes part of the interior design. Light fixtures can actually end up being the high”light” (pun intended) of the room!

Here are a few examples of what some of our home owners picked for their light fixtures. What you’ll notice is, the light fixture will “go with” the style of the home – and the home owner. For example, if you build a classic wood home, you likely won’t head to the “contemporary” section to choose your fixture – and vice versa. This is a perfect example: This Timber Block home owner has a very classic look – they wanted a traditional looking log home, and went with the “antler” type of fixture, which is a top choice for many traditional log home lover.

light fixtures

Now, let’s take a look at a Timber Block home, that still maintains the classic wood home look, but is a more modernized, with drywall, interior design, and accents. You can see the fixture is exactly that: classic – but modern:


Heading to a Timber Block home from our Contemporary Series, this is from a Sonoma model – contemporary from the inside and out. Note the fixture here:


We love what these home owners did with the lighting over the island. There are just a few red accents in this kitchen/living room, and the red overhead lights make this room completely come together:


Having special light fixtures don’t have to strictly be found in your living, dining and kitchen areas – you can really pull off a charming look in the bathroom as well, like this home owner did with their Vintage home:

light fixtures

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