If you’ve been following this blog, or maybe have www.timberblock.com bookmarked on your desktop, it’s likely you’ve noticed: many Timber Block homes have lofts. Whether the lofts have been part of one of Timber Block’s stock plans, or the home owner has helped draw up their own floor plan, lofts have been a very popular choice.

What we find very interesting is  how our home owners have utilized their lofts! Here are just a few examples:

These home owners use their loft space as an office.  We think lofts turned into office space is a wonderful idea. With the beauty and warmth of wood all around, and a beautiful view from a wall of windows, this space can be the perfect spot to get your work done in peace! (Don’t we all wish we could work from an amazing spot like this?)


Here’s another example of a loft used as office space:


It’s not uncommon for home owners who build a home with a loft will use that space for a bedroom (or two!)



Of course many lofts are a space where you can relax. This is your dream home, or your vacation home!



The bottom line is, you can’t really go wrong with how you utilize your loft! It all depends on if you need the space, and what you ideally want the space for.


The best part? Your loft will give you the best view of the rest of your gorgeous home!


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