Get Into Your Log Cabin Home in Weeks Not Months!

If you think about it, it’s June – in weeks…even before winter hits, you could be enjoying your dream log cabin home.

Sound too good to be true? Of course, it’s likely you know someone who has built their own home before, even their own log cabin home, and you’ve heard the stories about how long it takes. (Especially with traditional log cabin homes – we’ll get to that later).

With Timber Block Insulated Log Cabin Homes, it’s true – you can be enjoying your log cabin home in weeks, not months. This is all because of our system building process.


Here’s the break down:

Timber Block utilizes a patented system building process. We are able to cut, insulate, sand, stain, and stack the logs of your home in our factory. The logs are thru-bolted and bonded together under thousands of pounds of pressure. The area for the windows is cut out, and protected (for delivery and easy installation on-site), and the walls are stacked and delivered on one truck (up to 3000 square foot home).

The wall raising takes hours – not days, or weeks. Your log cabin home is then able to be dried in in hours – again, not weeks.


All of this together shaves off tons of time, therefore allowing you to enjoy your dream log cabin home in weeks, not months. (And because time is money, you would be surprised at how much the shortened time will save you! Not to mention, the fact your home is likely able to be delivered on one truck, there are serious dollars being saved on delivery costs).

What sets us apart from pretty much everyone else is this: everyone knows, log cabin homes take a long time to build. Generally much longer than a stick built home!

Think about this: get started on your log cabin home plans today, and you can be enjoying your dream log cabin home late this summer/early fall!

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