Okay, so you already have the dream implanted in your mind. A log home is what you want. You’ve thought about it for a long time, and you have read up on it, you’ve surfed the internet, looked lovingly at glossy magazine photos of them, and maybe you’ve even went as far as calling log home companies, or even getting a quote.

We are smack dab in the middle of the holiday season – and while this is a very busy time for everyone, it’s also the PERFECT time to start nailing down your plans to turn that dream into a reality!

Here is why this time of year is ideal:

First, you likely have your entire family (or some, or most) together. This is a very good time to whip out those magazines you’ve been collecting, or the websites you’ve added to your favorites, and start showing off those dreams! Feedback from those who love you most is priceless. And especially if you have some friends or family who have went through the process of building their own home. Ask people what they think is important in a home, or what they would do if it was them building it, or just in general – what part of the photos do they like? Their ideas may just help! Especially, if you are at the beginning stages of planning, and you feel completely confused and don’t know where to start!

Another thing is, for many people building a log cabin home, it’s cold outside. Because this is the time of year we really get out and socialize, you’re talking to a lot of people. Ask them what their energy bills are, or how their house is insulated. Gathering your facts and stats about important things like that will also make you feel more confident and comfortable!.

Also, if you get started on your first draft of floor plans, once you sign off on those plans, and your home goes into production in January or so, your Timber Block home will be ready to go in spring – PERFECT for building season!

So, happy holidays to all of you from all of us at Timber Block! Ask those questions during holiday visits, and you’ll feel more prepared!

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