If you’ve done even just the tiniest bit of research on building a log home, whether you’ve done a general google search, or spent time on our site, you’ll know searching log home builders is not only key to the success of the building of your home, but is one of the very first things you have to nail down in the log home building process.

Here are some of the top questions we receive about log home builders:

Do I really need a builder or general contractor? Or can I do it myself?

There are many aspects of building a Timber Block home that you can do yourself, and a Timber Block technician will be on-hand for the wall raising.  The dry in is next. Without the skills, knowledge and experience, it will be very hard to accomplish what you want, in the time frame you want.

How do I go about finding a builder when there are so many log home builders out there?

Do not feel guilty about asking questions! And in fact, Timber Block has a list of preferred log home builders, so we certainly can help get you on the right track.

Also, check in with your local builders association! They know your area and have the right knowledge on local log home builders!


Why are log home builders so important?

Some log home builders are also general contractors, where they arrange for some or all of the construction process! (Hiring sub-contractors for specific areas of the build)

Log home builders (the right one for you) will help with research too – knowing more about building codes, inspections, etc.

Asking the pros at Timber Block Insulated Log Homes is a very good place to start. We have a list of preferred log home builders, plus because we utilize a system built process, we make sure you are compatible with a builder who is familiar to this type of building!


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