While building your future dream home is certainly a massive decision to make, as well as a big undertaking, it may be a whole lot easier than you think!

Of course there is the whole issue of cost. This is certainly our most asked question. So today, we will help you understand how to get a good idea on figuring out just how much building your log home will be.

There are some things you have to find out first….

What are the building costs in your area?

The cost can vary drastically from one end of the country to the other. For example, one area could be around $100 dollars per square foot, while another area could be more than double. (Not only that, but the cost per square foot will be determined by how you finish the home – maybe you want to upgrade your windows, have granite everywhere, etc). So, finding out the building costs is certainly key. Asking a builder (or a few!) in your area will help you determine the building costs in your area.

The square footage is also a factor (obviously)!

Again, speaking to a reputable builder will certainly help you determine your total costs. Talking to one of our pros will also greatly help! Call us anytime – we are here to help!

This brings us to our second point. The staff at Timber Block will help you from beginning to end. Your initial deposit of $3,000 will get your plans started with one of our many designers. This $3,000 will go toward the final purchase of your new Timber Block home.

Timber Block also has a technician on hand that will not only oversee the construction of the walls of your home in our factory, but will also be there the day of your wall raising, to make sure everything goes as planned!

Also, if you need help with finding that reputable builder as mentioned above, we can do that too. We have a list of builders from coast to coast that know exactly what they are talking about!

For more information, please contact us anytime – email us at info@timberblock.com or call us at 866-929-5647.

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