How much does it cost to build a log home?

Hands down, this is by far, the most asked question. Generally speaking. Sometimes we are also asked, “How much does a Timber Block log home cost?”

Either way, both questions are very general. Sometimes, we are asked more specifically, “How much does a standard Denver model cost?”

Even though the above question is a bit more specific than the previous, it’s still not specific enough – and it’s still not able to be determined without a little more information. For example. It’s like heading to your favorite restaurant and saying. “How much for a steak?” Or, buying a new car, and saying “How much is a Toyota SUV?”

So, determine your log home cost, here’s what happens: You need to find out what the cost to build in your area is. The price of land is completely different place to place, and so are the building costs. Now, you might ask, “Okay, besides the land, how much?” Next, we have to determine things like total square footage, log profile, and of course how you are going to finish the interior of your log home. Will you put linoleum in your bathroom, or tile?


Will you have granite for counter tops? Quartz? Laminate? There are very different price points there alone!

To give you the absolute best idea is to have a quick call with a Timber Block pro. This is the best way you will be able to estimate your log home cost.

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