So, you want to build a new home. And if you are here on our site, you are attracted to a log home, or a wood home – you love the warmth, comfort and beauty of wood!

If you have done research on Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, you likely know, we talk a lot about the energy efficiency of our homes. Why? Many reasons. First, high energy efficiency in a log home can be hard to achieve. Most traditionally built log homes aren’t as energy efficient as most home owners would like them to be. Wall insulation is calculated by “R” values.

What does this mean? Here’s an explanation of how “R” values are calculated.

How are R values calculated?

On average, the calculation will be around 1.25 inch of wood per “R”. (depending on the wood, it may vary slightly) For example, with pine, you will get 1.35 inch per “R”. So, if you take a 6 inch log, and multiply that by 1.35, your end result with be R-8. (square log)

Each and every Timber Block home has R-30 wall insulation (and between R-40 and R-50 in the roof!) We are able to get to the high R-30 value, because the inside of our logs are insulated with a high density polyurethane. We utilize a patented building system where all of your logs are cut, sanded, insulated, stained, stacked, thru-bolted every 2 feet, and bonded together under thousands of pounds of pressure.

After that, your logs are delivered (usually on just one truck – saving tons of money on delivery!), to the build site not long before your wall raising (this saves your logs too, in the sense, they aren’t sitting on the ground getting beat up by the weather elements).

Back to the R-30….Not only does a highly energy efficient home saves you boat loads of money, but it is mandatory. Many building areas have certain building codes, and R-30 either meets or beats all the building codes related to wall insulation!

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