Today, we’re talking about log home settling (and with Timber Block homes, the “lack of” log home settling and checking!)

In general, most traditionally built home log homes will settle and check. This is not usually something that can be avoided. Log home settling can lead to many problems, which lead to spending excessive time and money. Checking is also very common in log homes, which means chinking will likely have to become part of your log home maintenance.


With every Timber Block home built, log home settling and checking are never issues. Why? With a traditionally built log home, the home will settle when the wood loses moisture. So, during the construction of the home, the builder will usually leave gaps between each log, as well as the windows and doors to make sure all will be functional while the home is settling. Another problem with this is the gaps allow air to infiltrate the home, therefore resulting in lower energy efficiency.

At Timber Block homes our wood is dried to an 8 to 10 percent moisture content. This, along with our assembly design, there is no risk of log home settling or checking.


Thanks to all of the elements attached to our patented system building process, the end result is a higher energy efficient home, a stronger home, with less maintenance than a traditional log home – which all leads to less headache and less waste of money.


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