Today, we’re talking about log home settling. What log home settling is, what log home settling does, and if Timber Block homes go through the same log home settling as a traditionally built log home.


Log home settling happens in traditionally built log homes. It’s something that a log home owner can’t get around. Otherwise there is a high risk of air infiltration. When the logs of a log home start checking (cracking), this is a big concern. Depending on where the crack is (if it’s on the top part of the log, and it rains, the water will go inside the crack. If the crack faces down, the water will run down, but will still be damp inside the crack). Now, you have to start caulking – ultimately leaving you with a high maintenance home.

Timber Block homes do not settle. They do not check. Period. That’s it. There is no risk of settling or checking, thanks to our patented system built process!

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