If you’ve done any research on log homes (which you probably haven’t just done “some” research, you’ve probably immersed yourself in log home knowledge as log home lovers tend to do!) then you will know there is maintenance involved. Actually, quite a lot of maintenance.

However, with Timber Block Insulated Log Homes – you’ll be happy to know, the amount of maintenance involved is a fraction of what traditional log homes would be. To go into a bit of detail about maintenance, (not a lot on this blog, however, because this blog will focus most on staining – to learn more, search the word “maintenance” in the search bar at the top right of your screen on the main Timber Block blog page) traditional log homes can be considered “high” maintenance. Typically, a traditional log home will settle. Because of the risk of settling, your builder has to take measures to allow for the home to have “room” to settle. Also, log homes will check – or crack. This means you won’t really get away without chinking – a process that’s not only time consuming – but costly. If you don’t chink, your putting your logs in danger of molding, breaking, bug infestation, water damage and so much more.

With Timber Block, because our wood is dried to an 8 percent moisture content (traditional log homes can’t get to that low of a percentage, as wood typically doesn’t dry) Our homes are insulated on the inside, allowing us to get to the 8 percent moisture content – this is furniture grade. Your home will NOT settle or check.

The one thing you can’t get away from, no matter what type of home you build – if you are building with wood, it WILL have to be stained. More good news coming from us – each and every log we would use to build your home is HAND STAINED, ONE BY ONE in our factory. Hooray! The walls of your home come to you pre-stained!


Each Timber Block log home is stained with WoodPlus products. WoodPlus uses the latest in coating technologies, ensuring the ultimate protection available. They also use the latest in UV screening technology to provide optimal Ultraviolet protection. WoodPlus also keeps up with technology. With over 30 years in the coating industry, they are always looking to create innovative product.

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