When thinking about log homes, historically, the first thought to come to mind may have been… a cabin in the woods, rustic, a cabin near a lake, or mountains – a place far away from any town or city.

Of course, log homes and cabins are ideal in locations like these. But in today’s world, thanks to revolutionary building systems, a log home can be built anywhere. They can also be very modernized – for some people who have always loved the look, feel and warmth of wood, may want to have a touch of a more modern look.

The thing about a log home is, they are different – unique – special. It is so rare to have someone walk into a log home, and not want one for themselves. There is such an appeal of a log home, it’s hard to not feel completely relaxed, calm and happy in a log home.

With modernized technology, log homes now can be built anywhere, with speed and efficiency, without sacrificing quality. Not only that, with revolutionary capabilities, a log home also can be energy efficient – this is definitely something new to the log home world, as typically, a traditional log home, may not be all that energy efficient.

Also, many builders who have built log homes know, traditionally, log homes are much more difficult to build, and take a long time to construct. Because of issues like settling, they also have to compensate, and leave “space” to allow the home to settle. There are also issues with logs checking (or cracking) also something unavoidable, as solid logs can never dry completely.

Today, many builders welcome the panelized system of building log homes. For example, Timber Block homes are sanded, insulated, pre-stained, stacked and thru-bolted in the factory. The window areas are cut out and prepped for delivery, and the walls of the entire home can generally (depending on the size) be delivered on one truck. This process alleviates so many problems – the logs aren’t sitting on the build site, getting damaged due to inclement weather. Also, the build time has been cut drastically, as all of the stacking was completed in the factory. A Timber Block wall raising happens in less than a day. As well, because Timber Block’s wood is dried to an 8 percent moisture content, plus the patented building system – there is no risk of settling or checking.

The best part is…log home lovers can have that log home look they want, in less time, with higher quality, and energy efficient! Timber Block injects each log with R-30 insulation, ensuring a high level of energy efficiency for the long life of the home.

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