If you’ve seen our ads, or followed us either here, on Facebook or other sites, or have seen us at home shows, or picked up the latest copy of Log Home Living, and others, you’ll notice we have a commonality – our 5 icons….

These are our very recognizable icons you’ll see associated with Timber Block!

Let’s go through them:


All of our homes – every single one – have R-30 wall insulation. This ensures a highly energy efficient home – for life.

Assembles in Hours

Once the logs of your home are cut, sanded, insulated, stained, stacked, and thru-bolted under thousands of pounds of pressure, and your walls are delivered – the walls of your home will literally be up in hours.

In fact, to see a demonstration, check out this video. This was the construction of a 3000 square foot Denver Model, located in Hickory, NC. The 36 walls went up in 4.5 hours. This is a time lapse video of the wall raising.

Genuine Stacked Wood Construction

Your home is exactly that – genuine stacked wood construction. Your logs are truly stacked. And because we utilize a patented system building process, your logs are perfectly stacked, in our environmentally controlled factory.

No Settling

For anyone who knows anything about log homes, they know this is VERY important. Settling can be a very big issue with traditionally built log homes, and because our wood is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content, and our system built process, we have eliminated the risk of settling with your home.

Green Technology

Timber Block in partnership with RPT (Renewable Powertech Inc.) can provide a service to deliver a log home that will help reduce your energy bills, if not almost eliminate them. An energy efficient log home needs a superior thermal envelope (great insulation + a superior seal) which a Timber Block home delivers. Also, Only 40% of the wood is utilized to manufacture the structure, the remaining 60% is utilized to manufacture other components, resulting in less waste.

Build Anywhere

No matter where you are, because of our system built process, a Timber Block home can be shipped anywhere around the world. We have shipped homes thousands and thousands of miles away!


With our design team, you can pick one of our dozens of floor plans, build straight from that initial floor plan, or you can change it up a bit – or build a completely custom home. We are able to do it. (And once again – we have! We have built custom homes, straight from the home owner’s ideas!)

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