We are very excited to announce Saturday, April 21 will be the wall raising of our newest sales model in Hickory, North Carolina. The sales model will be over 3000 square feet, and located in Hildebran, NC, off of I-40, exit 118.

The anticipation has certainly been building over the last several weeks, when people in the area found out Timber Block was going to have a sales model in North Carolina. We’ve had phone call after phone call and email after email! We are very excited to be able to showcase our revolutionary R-30 insulated log home in North Carolina!

We are inviting the public to be a part of this very special event for Timber Block log homes. Witness history being made this weekend – the wall raising event will happen Saturday, April 21 at 9 am. We will celebrate with a light breakfast and coffee. Lunch time, we will be having a catered bbq, and more!

This is what the site looks like right now…

This is what it will look like in just hours!

It truly is spectacular to watch just how fast our homes go up. If you are considering building a log home, whether it be your primary home, or second home – it would be well worth it to see just how things have changed. To see the walls of a log home go up in under a day is such a sight to see! We at Timber Block log homes pride ourselves on our ease of build, the speed of construction, the energy efficiency of an insulated log home, and more. All while never ever sacrificing the quality or beauty of it.

We would absolutely love to have you be part of our day, as one of our VIP guests. <a href="We would absolutely love to have you as one of our VIP guests. Click here to RSVP today!“>Click here to RSVP today.