Log Homes by Timber Block – we get this question every day. Actually, more like several times a day! It certainly is the most asked question we get. “How is the electrical wiring done?”

It’s actually very easy. All the electrical is done on-site and is fairly straightforward, as opposed to conventional log construction where it must be done in advance.

For the exterior wall outlets, a vertical hole is drilled in the underside of the wall sections just prior to setting them in-place. The circuits are then wired through the floor joists/trusses and fished up into the wall. Your builder will then simply drill, and jigsaw out a rectangle in the wood wall to accommodate the electrical box.

For switches or lights, a line can be run up between the wall sections.

All the interior walls are conventional 2×4 stick frame construction.

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-No checking and settling with our log homes
-thanks to our efficient flat stacking method, our log homes can be built anywhere
-partial and full custom available
R-30 is standard with Timber Block log homes
-Green technology
-Assembles in hours. The walls of Timber Block log home will go up in less than a day, and can be weather tight in 7-10 days
-Genuine stacked construction. Each log is sanded, stained, insulated and stacked. There’s a thru-bolt every 24 inches, and the logs are bonded together under 6000 pounds of pressure!
-Be in your home 60 days sooner than a traditional built home