If you are at the point where you have decided you want to build a log home, you certainly will want to know how long it will take before you are enjoying your new place.

First off, it will depend what type of log home you are building. If you are building a custom, traditionally built log home, you are likely looking at 1-2 years from beginning to end. If you are building a modular or prefab kit home from a stock plan, it would certainly likely take less time than that. However, you might have to pick from a stock plan, without being able to make changes, or very few changes.

Generally, a Timber Block Log Home will be built at least 60 days sooner than a traditional stick built home, and months sooner than many log homes. This is one of the major advantages of system building.

The Timber Block Log Home Process:

Your floor plan design is your first step. Timber Block Log Homes has many stock plans for you to start from. While there are people who have built from our standard plans, most will customize their plan in some way. (About 90% of our customers have customized their plan) Timber Block Log Homes can do full custom as well. We have built many homes from the ideas of the homeowner.

Once you have signed off on your floor plan, your home will go into “production”. Your logs are insulated, sanded, stained, stacked, and bonded together under 6000 pounds of pressure, and thru-bolted every 24 inches. The areas where your windows will go are cut out, and prepped for easy installation on site.

In the meantime, your General Contractor or Builder (or yourself!) will be getting the foundation and floor ready, for delivery. Your time-line is 10 weeks (from the time you sign off on your floor plan to the day of delivery).

Once your home is delivered, the walls will go up in 1 day. Your dry-in time is about 7-10 days after that. Once your Timber Block Log Home is dried in, everything on the interior is your standard traditional-type building.

Here’s an example of the time saved when building a Timber Block Log Home vs a Traditional Log Home:

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