Log homes have a reputation for being high maintenance…and while there is maintenance required in owning any home, the amount of maintenance can be quite minimal, or the very opposite.

First, with a traditional log home, the screw jacks must be adjusted on upright posts to allow for settling, and those screw jacks will need to be adjusted again and again, until the settling is complete….Then, because it settles, there will be exposed hairline cracks in the logs. If that’s not taken care of, then there is the risk of air infiltration.

Then, the logs in a traditional log home will check. (cracks in the log) see below…

Also, if the check is along the top surface (facing up) and it rains, the water would stay inside the crack – so caulking would have to be done there. If the check is facing down, the water would run down, but it would be moist inside the crack, making a nice nest for insects. Caulking is neccessary there as well.

With a traditional log home, chinking may be required. This is a process that closes up the gaps between the logs after they’re stacked. This must be done right away, and will cost. Also, if the homeowners want to keep the chinks white, they will have to take extra special care to cover the chinking when re-staining.

This is the maintenace required for a Timber Block home:

There is no chinking required, and thanks to our patented process, the risk of settling and checking is eliminated.

So: no caulking, chinking, checking, settling, cracks, mold, insect damage, etc, etc. Once again, Timber Block allows the log home lover to build the log home they’ve always wanted, but without the headache.

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