Log Homes by Timber Block hears this question frequently, as sometimes the idea of an energy efficient home has people thinking. “yes I’d like to have an energy efficient home, but really, does a few bucks matter?” The answer to that is, YES! Not only does a few bucks matter, but a truly energy efficient home is going to save you much more than a “few bucks!” In fact, we’ve seen customer’s heating bills in their current home go from hundreds of dollars a month, to living in their new Timber Block home getting as low as 50-70 dollars a month! Count that up, and over the years, you are looking at saving thousands and thousands of dollars!

We talked to Timber Block of Western North Carolina Dealer Eric Gibson about the overall importance of building an energy efficient home. Gibson, who has been selling log homes for years, and has been a dealer with Timber Block log homes for the last year and a half, also is an instructor in energy efficiency.

Everyone keeps talking about the importance of energy efficiency. Does building an energy efficient home really save money?

“Yes – you really do save. The way the home is designed and the care that is taken during construction can pay dividends. The more energy efficient your home is, the less energy will be needed to keep your home comfortable, decreasing your carbon footprint, and saving money on the increasing price of energy.”

When building a home, how does someone know they’re really building an energy efficient home?

“The best thing to do is become educated. This can be done either through taking classes at local colleges or from specialized companies such as BPI (Building Performance Institute) or by studying what is available on the internet. Also, when selecting a General Contractor, make sure they are educated in the techniques that will give you most energy efficient home using the materials you selected.”

With building codes relating to insulation, how do I go about making sure my home will meet the codes?

“The building codes for your state can be found on the internet, or by visiting your local building inspector. Once again, it’s simply a matter of education. You must remember that the building codes are the minimum needed to obtain your certificate of occupancy in the country where the home will be built. There is a point where the benefits derived from adding more insulation may not justify the additional expense – this is something you can discuss with your contractor and will vary depending on the type of insulation you select.”*

Does a good thermal envelope really make a difference?

“To get the most benefit from the insulation you install, you must have a proper building envelope that will prevent the unrestricted ventilation of the home through cracks, holes, and poor sealing around doors and windows. This is where the care taken by the GC is very important and will will show the greatest payback.”**

On top of saving money, what are the other reasons I would build an energy efficient home?

“When a home is properly sealed and insulated, you will have a more comfortable home with no drafts, and the entire home will have a uniformed temperature with no cold/hot spots.”

*When building a Timber Block Insulated Log Home, R-30 wall insulation is standard, which meets or exceeds all mandated and proposed building codes.
**Timber Block prides itself on its very tight thermal envelope. This, together with the R-30 wall insulation ensures a highly energy efficient home.

To learn more about energy efficiency in a home, or more about Timber Block, feel free to contact us anytime at info@timberblock.com or call 866-929-5647.

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