Log Homes by Timber Block talks about staining!

At Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, we are very proud of the process that each and every one of our homes goes through to ensure it is completed 100 percent to the satisfaction of its owner! When I started at Timber Block, and I went through a tour of the factory on the first day, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw 2 people staining a log – one on each side. At the time, I thought it was a “special” log, that was getting special treatment! But no, every single log on each and every Timber Block home is hand stained – by people, not machines, not sprayers…but people!

One of my favorite co-workers in the factory is Carole, who is one of many hard workers who stain the logs.

To you Carole, and the rest of the Timber Block staining crew, thank you very much for your dedication and hard work every single day! You play a very important part of the Timber Block promise of high quality and care!

Each Timber Block log home is stained with WoodPlus products. WoodPlus uses the latest in coating technologies, ensuring the ultimate protection available. They also use the latest in UV screening technology to provide optimal Ultraviolet protection.

WoodPlus also keeps up with technology. With over 30 years in the coating industry, they are always looking to create innovative product.

Staining Tips:

Your logs are hand stained in the factory. But we do recommend you stain your new Timber Block log home within 6 months, and then every 5 years.

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