As you may know by now, Log Homes by Timber Block loves to offer our customers many choices when building a new home. We know building a new log home is your dream, and we want to make sure every part of that dream comes true. You certainly want to have a say when choosing what your home looks like!

When you are in the design phase, one of the major decisions you have to make – and we are pleased to offer – is your log profile! Do you prefer the outside walls of your new log home to have a round profile? Do you like round on the inside too? Some customers like to have their exterior walls round, but have them flat on the inside. Or, you can do a little bit of both on the inside too. Or you can go with a flat-flat profile as well….

Here is your classic round profile….

and the classic flat profile…

Sometimes, Timber Block log homes customers prefer to have a round look, but with a “rustic” flare….and so, we offer the hand peeled option. This is done in our factory, by hand….

And just recently, we have added another new profile choice (we love to make sure you have lots of options!) This is called our true grain profile! AND, it’s offered in both round and flat!

So, as you can see, this is an important decision you will make during the design process. Take your time, search through several pictures, visit us at one of our models, and let your Timber Block representative show you all of your options, and that way you can make sure you get exactly what you want! They are all beautiful options, it’s simply a preference – one you get to determine!

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