Yes, it’s December! Many would agree December is one of the most beautiful months of the year – the snow, the crisp air, and of course the beautiful holiday season!

This is also the month – for many of you live in a colder climate – where energy efficiency is more important than ever! Poorly insulated homes can be uncomfortable and very costly!

All Timber Block homes have R-30 wall insulation. What does this exactly mean?

R values are very important when building a home. High R Values greatly reduce your energy efficiency, but will also maintain the value of your home.

How are R values calculated?

On average, the calculation will be around 1.25 inch of wood per “R”. (depending on the wood, it may vary slightly) For example, with pine, you will get 1.35 inch per “R”. So, if you take a 6 inch log, and multiply that by 1.35, your end result with be R-8. (square log)

With Timber Block, we are able to achieve R-30 because the inside of our log is insulated (high density polyurethane) This is why we are certainly gaining plenty of awareness and gathering a lot of attention in the log home world because many people who love the look of a log home, they are concerned with how energy efficient their home will be. A Timber Block home is the best of both worlds – it is a beautiful log home, but highly energy efficient!

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