Timber Block Insulated Log Homes released on online plan book early this year – and since then, we’ve had tons of people download the book, and the feedback has been amazing!

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And did you know, when you download the online book, we will send you a hard copy, free of charge? Flip through the glossy pages of our dozens of floor plans, photos, building tips and more!

Here is a testimonial from someone who downloaded the book…

“Nice selection of floor plans and insight into the energy efficiency of this system. Was looking at a log home, but quickly realized this was a better option than traditional full log. A good overall read with a healthily selections of well designed floor plans. Surprisingly a nice selection of Dwell style modern homes. A nice easy read for those on a house quest.”

On top of searching through our many floor plans, in all three of our series (Classic, Contemporary, and Vintage), it is also a comprehensive guide to buying and building a log home.

It has tips on the interior design of your future home – and includes many interior and exterior gorgeous photos!

The book includes:

-over 150 full color images

-complete access to all of Timber Block’s floor plans

-ideas and advice on design


Download your copy of our Timber Block Plan Book now by clicking here!

Timber Block is truly the Revolutionary R-30 Insulated Log Home. Each and every home we build includes R-30 wall insulation – something very important to new home owners. With the ever rising cost of energy, and the very strict building codes, R-30 wall insulation isn’t just a benefit of building a Timber Block home, but it’s a must!


A highly energy efficient home – together with a tight thermal envelope – ensures your are cozy and warm in the winter, and cool and comfortable during the warm months!

Timber Block has built homes all over North America. And because of  our efficient flat stacking, and system built process, we can build all over the world!


Contact Timber Block, and find out just how easy it is to get started on your plans to build your dream cottage! Call us at 866-929-5467, or email info@timberblock.com.

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