For people whose dream it is to own a log home, there are several questions that need to be answered before making the final decision to embark on what very well might be their biggest project ever – building their own home. And for those who want a log home, almost always do we find it’s something they’ve been thinking and talking about for a very long time. There are many questions that people have before they begin their project – even if they already have many of the plans in place, such as land, a builder they trust, their floor plan, etc. But even still, many people are hesitant to start the process because of the maintenance involved. As we all know, anything that involves a lot of maintenance is both time consuming – and EXPENSIVE!

So, are log homes high maintenance? Traditionally, yes. Traditional log homes will settle. It’s unavoidable. And once settling happens, hairline cracks will appear. If that is let go, there is a big risk of air infiltration. Then checking (cracks in the log) will happen. This is a big concern, because nobody wants their home to have any sort of crack whatsoever – and depending where the crack is, log homeowner may have even more cause for concern. If the crack is on the top surface of the log, and it snows, or rains – the water has nowhere to go, but INSIDE the crack. If the crack is facing downwards, the water certainly will run down, but it still will get damp inside the crack. This is where insects will find their home. So, the answer to that, is caulking.

In your research, you will also hear about people trying to find out about chinking. Chinking is the process that closes the spaces between the logs after they have been stacked. This is something that can’t wait. It has to be done right away – and this is a hugely expensive process. To make matters worse, there is actual maintenance of the chinking too! If the homeowner wants to keep the chinks white, they will have to cover the chinking when re-staining (You could call it maintenance of the maintenance – yikes!)

As well, traditional log homeowner also have to worry about mold, bugs and insects (because their logs are never completely dry)

This is the maintenace required for a Timber Block home:

We’re done. That’s it.

You will never have to chink, because with our process, there is never a risk of settling or checking. With Timber Block log homes, the wood we use is dried to an 8 percent moisture content – furniture grade. This, together with our patented assembly process, you will never have to worry about cracks in your logs, and you certainly will never have to bother with the time and money of chinking. And because of the dry wood, you will never have to worry about insects, bugs or mold.

So basically, we have taken almost all of the maintenance of a log home out of the picture, WITHOUT sacrificing the beauty and comfort of a log home….

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