Many parts of the country are feeling record cold temperatures. In some states, wind chills today were as cold as -60. In fact, it was cold in areas that don’t even generally get that cold.

So, how are you keeping warm? Everyone is turning up the heat – another reason why energy efficiency is more important than ever! Every time you turn your heat up a notch, it’s costing you. And with the always-increasing energy prices, R-30 wall insulation is not only welcome, but necessary!

Our Canadian head office is in Quebec, where -40 temperatures are cold – but very normal during the winter months! Another reason why almost half of all log homes built there are Timber Block homes! People care about the energy efficiency of their home. Not only that, but for many areas, building codes are very high – and going higher! R-30 wall insulation meets or beats all building codes coast to coast related to wall insulation!

Our homes are so energy efficient, that for many of our homeowners, lighting up their fireplace will heat their entire home, and they barely have to worry about turning up the heat! So today, we’re showing you some of the beautiful fireplaces in some of our gorgeous Timber Block Insulated Log Homes!

Fireplaces and log homes pretty much go hand in hand. Especially in Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, considering for many, the fireplace will warm their entire home! Almost all of our homeowners include a fireplace in their homes, and it’s exciting to see just how different fireplace design can be! Our homeowners have beautiful taste, and we love showing them off!

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