You’ve heard us say this before…

Because What You See is Beautiful…..

Timber Block homes are beautiful. Yes, we can say that…we are completely proud of the esthetics of our homes. Every single one of our home owners will agree – it’s what they were drawn to initially! It’s something we hear not just on a daily basis, but several times a day!

You’ve also heard us tag that with….

What You Don’t See is Spectacular…

Timber Block homes are not only beautiful, but they are well made. Absolute top notch building. Solid, and long lasting. And we’ve taken major steps so you can enjoy your home, not spend tons of time and money – and energy – on what is supposed to be your sanctuary! We think it’s important, and our home owners will agree!

The way we accomplish this is due to the fact we utilize a patented, system building way of construction. This is very beneficial because your logs are taken care of in our quality controlled factory. Your logs are cut, sanded, insulated, stained, thru-bolted and stacked in our factory. So basically, the walls of your home are built inside. Then, we will only deliver those walls once the home is ready to be built – literally – just the day or two before! This is VERY important because, face it – it’s wood. And if you let wood/logs sit outside for weeks or months on end, you’re risking major damage to those logs. The elements of weather – like rain, snow, wind, and weather in general, can take a toll on those logs

Also, because of our way of building, you do not run the risk of settling or checking – something that is associated with most traditionally-built log homes. Because of checking issues, you would have to chink – also something very expensive. You never have that problem with Timber Block Insulated Log Homes.

And of course, our homes are highly energy efficient. Each and every Timber Block home built is equipped with R-30 wall insulation. This, together with a tight thermal envelope, ensures high energy efficiency for the life of your home!

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