Over the past few years, and hundreds of Timber Block homes constructed, one thing we are always excited to see is what log profile our homeowners choose!

Many customers will prefer a certain log profile throughout their home, or they will mix it up a bit. For example, some homes are built with a round profile exterior, and a flat interior. However, some will choose a flat exterior, and a mix of one, two or three profiles on their interior walls!

Here are some examples of the log profiles we have for you to choose from….

Our Flat Profile……

Flat Profile

Our Flat Profile…True Grain…

Flat Profile - True Grain

Our round profile….

Round Profile

Our Round Profile….True Grain…

Round Profile - True Grain

and our Rustic Profile…

Rustic Profile

Choosing your log profile is a very important decision to make during the design process! Then, you have to think long and hard on the color of stain you would like….here are a few of our options….

Royal Pine





As well, we do have other options available! Contact us to find out more!

Here are a few pictures of Timber Block homes, with a variety of profiles and stains!

And you will notice in this photo, some homeowners will prefer to add a different look, adding drywall on the interior…

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