Finding the perfect land to build your dream home on may seem like a big task to take on…but following these steps, getting a great and reputable builder, and asking tons of questions will help you make sure you end up with the perfect spot to enjoy your future home.

First, you will have to decide where you want your home to be – whether this will be your primary or secondary home. Do you want to build close to water? Mountains? Trees? Do you want a more remote location, or do you want to live in more of a neighborhood?

Hiring a builder and finding land goes hand in hand. A professional builder will be to guide you through the “technical” aspect of purchasing land….For example, the builder will be able to tell you what size of lot you need, which way your home should face, where the windows should be placed, and more.

Your builder will also be able to help you with things like the length of your driveway and the size and location of your garage (if you’re building one).

There are other things too, such as ponds, streams, valleys, cliffs, trees – basically any obstacles that you will need to be aware of (your builder will be able to find out these things). If there is a septic sand mound, the builder will also know where that needs to go. And if there is a well, it should be about 100 feet from the sand mound, or 50 feet from the holding tank. Again, a builder can help.

It’s very important to seek the advice of a builder – you want a good and right start right from the get-go! This will help make sure the construction period of your home goes as smooth as possible!

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