So many of today’s home owners are building a home with an open concept design. You will notice, many of our homes – from all of our series, including Contemporary, Classic and Vintage – have an open concept.

dining room3 - low res

There are many benefits of a home with an open concept. Many people choose to go this way by opening up the kitchen to the dining and living spaces. Some will say they love the open concept because it’s more inviting, it’s obviously great for entertaining as well as keeping the family in the same space. An open concept design can also create the feeling of a larger home compared to feeling  or looking cramped, even if the square footage is the same.


While thinking about your open concept design, there are things you need to know. You have to plan out the way you will place your furniture. You even have to get into greater detail like the size of photos on the wall, larger area rugs, and so on.

Also, when thinking about the interior of your home, you’ll want to make sure to avoid obstructions. If you want an open concept design, you’ll also want to avoid obstructing your view! You may want to avoid large couches placed a certain way, or another large piece of furniture, such as a bookcase.

A good way to make sure you are utilizing your beautiful open concept living room/kitchen, you can get ideas by surfing the internet, home magazines, or getting advice from others or even an interior decorator.


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