Timber Block home owners, Dave and Cheryl Andrews built their dream home in Ontario.  The Andrews’ chose to build one of Timber Block’s Vintage Homes – an Alexandria model. Their home ended up featured in Our Homes Magazine – and for good reason. This immaculate home is special: not only is this Vintage home built with top quality wood, but maintains Timber Block’s standards – R-30 wall insulation, the utilization of green technology, and more.

Let’s take a look at how an engineered, panelized green home – can be highly energy efficient, built with wood – 90 days faster – without ever veering away from the beauty every home owner desires to achieve.

*Many of these featured photos can be found in the Our Homes Magazine article!

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Energy efficiency was a top priority for Cheryl and Dave Andrews. They knew an engineered home was what they wanted. “After evaluating all other engineered home options, Timber Block was the hands down leader,” says Cheryl.

Many times, when potential new home owners think about energy efficiency, they think of cost savings. Of course, this is true – a highly energy efficient home will save plenty of money on energy bills, but just as important, an energy efficient home will keep you and your family comfortable. “We love how it holds the cool in the summer and the heat in the winter.  We’ve been living here full time for 13 months and only had the air conditioner on once!” – and anyone from Ontario will know, the summers are hot and the winters are down-right cold.” says Cheryl.

To see the Andrews’ home inside and out, along with the Our Homes Magazine article featuring their Vintage House, click here –  andrews-News1

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