In today’s world of social media, viral posts, up-to-the second news, posts and more, Timber Block Panelized Homes wants you to know, we are active on all the top social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Houzz, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

In addition, Timber Block Panelized Homes makes it a top priority to have consistent posted information to help you in your journey to your dream home.

What can you expect on our social media sites? We understand beauty is important – of course it is when it comes to your home! Every single home owner we have envisioned the end result of their dream home – and believe us when we say, every home we have built is drop dead gorgeous. So, because a home is also a visual thing, we make sure to post photos every day – everywhere.

Here’s a rundown of our social media sites that are more “photo” driven.


Houzz is an online community all about homes, architecture, interior design, and decorating. We post photos every day, including interior and exterior, floor plans and more.

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When Pinterest launched a few years ago, it blew up instantly. To date, Pinterest has over 70 million users – with the majority being women. It’s very easy to re-pin to your own page, share with others, and save for later. You can follow us on Pinterest, to see what we are posting daily1

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With more than 200 users, Instagram has dominated the social media world. It’s so easy to use on your mobile device, takes just a second to post a photo from your phone, and you can follow your favorite companies, friends, and even celebrities! Make sure to follow us to get all of our updates!


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Facebook has 1.4 billion users every month, with most logging in daily. Our Facebook page will tell you guide you to where you need to go. We post photos daily, but have other features as well, such as featured floor plans, Friday’s Fantastic Views, contests and more. We also post all of our events on Facebook, and at times, real time things like wall raisings. You can like and share our page too!


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Other social media sites you can find plenty of updates from Timber Block Panelized homes include:


Our LinkedIn page is updated daily, and is dedicated to consumers, but also architects, potential dealers, builders, designers, and general contractors. We will also post any available positions with Timber Block Panelized Homes there as well.

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Google Plus

We love Google Plus, and so will you! It’s attached to all of your google accounts, making it a non-stop shop! We post our pics, blogs, and events on our Google Plus  page…be sure to add us to your circles!

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LogHomeU is on online community of log home lovers! Join discussions, forums, see photos, floor plans, and here what other log home lovers have to say. Friend us on our page to ensure you always get our updates!

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Timber Block Panelized Homes has plenty of videos on our YouTube Page. See videos of walk-throughs, wall raisings, TV features and more. You can also subscribe to our channel to make sure you receive all of our updated and added videos!

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Twitter is a way to get information, quick, fast and easy. Posters are allowed just 140 characters, allowing for you to run through your Twitter feed instantly. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get our updates!

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The beauty of any social media account, (on top of being the thing to do, and the ultimate way on keeping up to the second on everything you’re interested in) is it’s easy to sign up for. For most sites, all you need is an email address and create a password! Today’s sites are also very user-friendly!

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