Every day, Timber Block Panelized Homes receives phone calls, emails, and of course visitors to our model homes. Today, we have put together the most asked questions in a question and answer format! Enjoy!

1. How much does a Timber Block Panelized Home cost? There are a few factors that have to be determined before getting a close estimate of how much your home will cost. First, it will depend on your floor plan design. Another factor is building costs in your area, and certainly, the interior design of your home will play a factor as well.  Really, the only way to determine the cost of your home will be to talk with one of our experts – we are always available to answer any questions you may have.


2. Can my floor plan be customized? Absolutely. You can modify any of our stock plans, or we can build a  full custom home too.

Dakota FP-main floor

3. Do you have someone who helps build the home? Timber Block Panelized Homes has a technician on-site during the entire wall raising. Your technician will also be available before and after the wall raising to answer questions, along with working with your builder.

home building faq

4. Can I build my own Timber Block home? You can, but we do encourage you have a builder or general contractor. Timber Block has a list of certified builders. We can help set you up with a great builder.

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5. Do all Timber Block homes come with R-30 wall insulation. Yes, it’s standard in every home we build. And new this year – R-36 wall insulation.


6. What are your walls made of? We use an Eastern White Pine timber, which is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content. We use a high pressure closed-cell  polyurethane insulation.


7. What is included when we purchase a Timber Block Panelized Home? You will receive all the materials you need to build the framework, the exterior walls, materials needed for the roof and ceiling as well as the loft. Your doors and exteriors windows are included as well.  For a more detailed list, contact us directly!

St. Bernard-custom 1

8. How is the electrical wiring completed? The outlets and walls are pre-drilled the day of installation. The switch wiring is installed close to the doors behind the frames. Inside electrical is completed the same as a traditionally built home.


9. Can I build anywhere? You sure can! Thanks to our system built, flat stacking process, you can build anywhere.


10. Are your homes high maintenance like most log homes? Not at all. You will have to maintain a staining schedule like any log home, but because our homes will never settle or check, you will never have to worry about things like caulking and chinking.

dream house

If you have questions about Timber Block Panelized Homes that wasn’t answered in today’s blog, please feel free to call us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.

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