It’s kind of a vague question we know, but it’s actually a question we hear once in awhile, maybe because we are attending a show overseas, or in an area we haven’t been. Sometimes, we have people who have had a dream of a log or wood home in their minds for years, and really have studied only “traditionally” built wood or log homes, and now are realizing where and what the future of wood home building is.

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Who is Timber Block Panelized Wood Homes?

Timber  Block Panelized Wood Homes is part of the “system built homes” industry. We are a family run business with an over 30 year history. We have built thousands of homes all over the world. Timber Block Panelized Wood Homes is a 100 percent debt free corporation, entering our 5th year of consecutive year of growth.

Our home owner’s deposits can be put into an escrow account, which is 100 percent guaranteed and safe.

Timber Block Panelized Wood Homes has 6 architects on staff. Our homes meet and exceed all North American wind and snow loads – hurricanes and Great White North included.

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When our customers decide to build a Timber Block home, they are required to put down a $3000 deposit for the design contract – all deducted from your final purchase amount.

Timber Block homes are built 90 days faster. This is all thanks to our patented system building process. Compared to a traditionally built home, or even a modular home, our home owners are able to move in weeks faster.

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There are other benefits to Timber Block Panelized Wood Homes. Our logs are stacked into panelized walls and delivered on-site – the day of the build. Your wood is NEVER exposed to the elements, and never touches the ground. Also, because of our efficient flat stacking process, a home up to 3000 square feet is able to be delivered on one truck – saving plenty on delivery costs.


There’s more: Our wood is dried to an 8-10 percent moisture content, eliminating the risk of settling and checking.

As far as energy efficiency goes, our standard homes include R-30 wall insulation, and just  this year, we introduced an R-36 wall. This, together with a tight thermal envelope ensures your home is very highly energy efficient.


Find out more about Timber Block…you can call us at 866-929-5647 and talk to one of our pros, or email us at

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