At Timber Block Insulated Log Homes, we know how much everyone absolutely craves pictures. And we love to show them to you! We are very proud of every single new home we build, whether it’s a new show home, a commercial building, a development, or a residential home. Each and every new Timber Block home we build is very special to us. We take pride in delivering beautiful homes, but also homes that are ecological and highly energy efficient. And we do this without ever sacrificing the highest of quality.

Here is a special look of just how beautiful Timber Block Insulated Log Homes are….

This is a customized Denver Model. Take note of the beautiful log construction….

This home is based on a Denver Model, with some modifications. It is available to see in Western North Carolina!|

Here’s a corner view of this gorgeous home….

A corner view of a Timber Block home.

Let’s get to the inside! A major advantage when building a Timber Block home, is you truly have the option to make it your own. While we have many models available, you always have the option to modify any of our floor plans. After all, this is your dream – why settle for anything but the best? The way you want it!

Sometimes, Timber Block homeowners want to focus on their kitchens (well, a lot of times – who doesn’t love a great kitchen!) The possibilities are endless!

How about this Timber Block kitchen?

It’s always fun for us to see what people like to do when it comes to their bathrooms too. For example, this one certainly has a more contemporary feel…

What a heavenly bathroom!

And this one is more classic!

A cozy feel!

Same thing goes for every other room, such as the master bedroom!

That's what we call a master bedroom!

Love the wood!

We hope you enjoyed a look into just a few of our beautiful pictures. To see many more, please visit us at, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, or see us on Pinterest!

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