Timber Block Engineered Wood Homes has made it easier to search through your favorite Timber Block homes, designs, floor plans, and interior and exterior photos. We have re-vamped our Pinterest Page to help you see the photos you want to see – faster.

Timber Block’s Pinterest Page has several different Pinterest “boards” detailing each series of homes, style, and design.


You’ll also find several Pinterest photos which focus on several stages of construction. For example, you can take a close look at a Timber Block wall raising, through to the completion of our customer’s dream home.


Timber Block prides itself on our ability to build the absolute most beautiful wood homes all across North America. From Classic to Craftsman and Vintage to Contemporary, our Pinterest page now features each collection in its own board.


Already in the construction process? You’ll also find plenty of interior photos of Timber Block homes. Because any of our plans can be modified the way you want, no two Timber Block homes are the same. See what several of our home owner’s have done with their interiors.


Timber Block’s team of experts understands the importance of your journey. We know it all starts with research. On top of finding the home manufacturer that suits you best, sifting through many photos will help you find ideas to make your dream home dreams come true.


Each Timber Block photo we post on our Pinterest Page, along with each board, gives you plenty of details of what you’re looking at. For example, if you are searching through one of our “floor plan” boards, you will have a description along with the floor plan. If you’re checking out a certain model, we will describe that model, square footage, floor plan and more.

On our Pinterest page, we want to make it easy for you to navigate to where you need to go. You’ll be guided back to our website, where you can learn more about any of our homes, our technology, our processes and procedures, locations, model homes, wall raisings and events.

To head straight to our Pinterest page, CLICK HERE. Be sure to follow our page, and any board you choose. Plus, we will continue to add to the page – daily! Once you follow the board, or our page, you will be notified on any new photos we add. Enjoy!

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