We are talking about landscaping in today’s Timber Block blog. As you know, at Timber Block homes, our team creates the floor plan and design of your home, (along with you, of course), utilizes a patented system built process to create and install the home of your dreams.

Fast forward now: to the landscaping, and more specifically, the landscaping of the front yard. First; if you’ve built your own home, it’s likely this is a dream come true for you and your family! So, the front yard landscaping, or curb appear is going to be very important!


How do you get started on the landscaping design of your front?

There are many considerations that need to be taken here. First, where you live. Some plants that live in certain climate can thrive, but would never survive in another. This is why a professional landscaper, or certainly your local greenhouse will help.

Also, which way your home faces: Do you have full sun for most of the daylight hours? Or is it fully shaded with trees? This also will affect which plantation will grow best in the spot you’re working with.


Maintenance: How much maintenance can you handle? Maybe you have a green thumb, and not only have a knack for growing, but enjoy it as well. You can head to your greenhouse, and let the professionals there know that. They will be happy to help you choose out plants and shrubbery that are either low maintenance, or can accommodate some plantation that you can work with!

Of course, an aggressive search, and taking your time to do your research and look through photos, and learn a little bit about landscaping will help even those who never once had to worry about the front landscaping.

We found the following tips at http://www.landscapingnetwork.com/front-yard-landscaping/

It touches on overall ideas for front yard design, how you can create a seating area, utilize a wall, planning for parking, accenting the front entry, and more.

Have you visited Timber Block on Houzz? Check out Houzz.com for tons of ideas for your front landscaping. http://www.houzz.com/landscaping-front


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