If you are like most home owners, you likely have all of your planting done as far as your potted plants and flowers go. We all get excited to get our flowers in their pots, or in the ground and watch them grow!


However, many of our home owners have said now is the right time to hit the garden centers….why? Many garden centers have already started discounting many of their plants, shrubs and flowers – some  have told us they are seeing prices as low as 50 to 75 percent off! Also, we know pots, planters and containers can be quite pricy, so taking advantage of any sort of deal is a great idea!


So, as far as potted plants go, you’re free and clear to plant now (can you even have enough pots? We don’t think so!), but as far as complete landscaping goes….is it too late?

We talked to professional landscaper Dale Winehauser, and we asked him, “When is the best time to plant perennials?”

Perennials can actually be planted any time of the year, of course, depending on where you live. If you live in a colder climate where you have snow for a few months, you need to wait until you can easily get a shovel in the ground before planting. If you live in a climate where your springs are cooler, it may not be too late to plant even now. Fall is a great time to get your perennials in as well, because it’s cooled right down in most locations. This gives the plants plenty of time to grow stronger roots before the next dry, hot summer rolls around.”


We asked Dale if the same rules apply to planting trees…

“Yes, fall is an ideal time to plant your trees. Plus, many garden centers discount their trees and shrubs to move their stock before summer ends. Like any perennial, planting in the fall will allow your trees to root before the next warm season.”


We wanted to talk to Dale about fertilizing as well. Should we be fertilizing all spring and summer?

“Feeding your plants, flowers, trees and shrubs is very important. They need food! There are many simple ways to fertilize as well, You can find feeders that attach right to your garden hose, and spraying evenly over your bedding plants and shrubs every couple of weeks during the spring, summer and fall will not only keep your flowers from going hungry, but you’ll notice how much bigger, fuller and colorful your plants will be!”


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