If you are in the planning  stages of your future home, it’s important to make sure you have a place for fun!

Here are some recreation room ideas that may help you design your basement or your recreation room. (Or as some call it, your grown up play room!)

Here is one Timber Block home owner who always wanted a pool table. The thing with a pool table is: you really need space. You need space for the table, but you’ll also need room to move around  the table, and room for your pool cues.

We love this room design: There’s plenty of light with the larger windows, and the warm wood adds comfort!


The following photos are from Michael Boomgarden, a home owner in Wisconsin, who now represents Timber Block Wisconsin. Michael has turned his basement into a room full of fun!



You can visit Timber Block Wisconsin and talk more about his Timber Block journey: head to www.timberblockwisconsin.com.

This wine room is actually off of the kitchen in this particular home, but this could certainly go well with your recreation room! (We really love this wine room).


How do you get started?

This can be done as early as the floor plan stage. Whether you plan on having a dedicated upstairs rec room, or having this space in your basement, creating a layout for the room is key.

Let’s say you have a bigger family, or your home is going to be used as a vacation home with plenty of company, you can think about splitting the room. For example, part of the room may include a bar, pool table, games, card tables, while the other part has a more “quiet space”, where you have a separate table, book case, etc. This must be taken into consideration during planning!

Timber Block is here to help. We have a large staff of designers who can give you plenty of recreation room ideas for your future home! Call us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.

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