Santa has been visiting with many children in his Timber Block log cabin home at the Toronto Eaton Centre this Christmas season.

Santa Has Arrived!

Santa Has Arrived!

Santa has been putting smiles on the faces of several children, and in one case, this Sensitive Santa has really made a difference – for the children, and their entire family.

Usually, for parents and their children, when they visit Santa, they have to go early, expect long lines, and plenty of noise. This is just not ideal for some children.

An article was recently featured on, about “Sensitive Santa” and his Timber Block log cabin home at the Toronto Eaton Centre. This is one family’s experience when they set up a one on one visit with Santa at his Timber Block log cabin:

The following text is direct from the article at The link to the entire article is down below.

“Amorosi siblings Domenico, 5, Lucca, 4 and Valentino, 2, sat attentively in their matching checkered shirts and festive red ties, listening to Santa Claus tell a story while their parents Cherie Mallen and Joe Amorosi looked on.

There was no lineup behind them, no children wailing nearby or a crowd of exasperated parents waiting their turn for a photo.

It was a huge relief for the parents, who had pre-booked this appointment with “Sensitive Santa.” The reason? Two of the couple’s four young sons — Lucca and Valentino — have moderate autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The private Santa sessions happening now at the Eaton Centre are an initiative from Autism Speaks Canada and Cadillac Fairview, offering a calmer, “sensory-friendly” environment for children with ASD.

“It’s a huge gift for the kids, but it’s more of a gift for the parents,” says Mallen. “Going and waiting in those lines — they’re long — then the kids get impatient, and the meltdowns start to happen . . . usually the pictures come out with kids crying.”

“A lot of research and studies and personal experience from families . . . tells us that a visit with Santa can be an overwhelming experience for individuals with ASD,” says Carrie Habert, director of marketing for Autism Speaks Canada. “It can be sensory overload, it can be hectic . . . it can be challenging for parents if they have more than one child.”

To read the entire article, click here.

We are so happy we were able to play a part in making parents and all children feel comfortable and happy!

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Santa is available for one on one visits throughout the holiday season. To reserve a spot, head to

You can also visit Santa in his Timber Block log cabin at the Toronto Eaton Centre on a drop in basis, every Friday in December from 4-7 pm. Click here for directions.


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