Log homes and energy efficient homes are not often used in the same sentence. But with a Timber Block R-30 insulated log home, energy efficiency is included, free of charge, in every one of our premium quality homes.

One energy efficient way to build a home, is with a SIPS panel system. Timber Block homes incorporate and build on the SIPS platform, but in a unique, proprietary and patented way which is unique for many reasons. SIPS builders often are looking for a better way to improve on the SIPS platform, and this is exactly what Timber Block brings to the building equation.

Some of our builders, who have been and still are, SIPS proponents, often speak highly of the system developed by Timber Block. Here are some of the benefits our builders have shared with us over the years…

1. Exterior wood is sanded and stained in a controlled environment AND attached to the insulation WITHOUT nails. Benefit: no nail breaks in your home (should you choose to use siding in lieu of logs) and of course, no rust stains from those nails.
2. Easier installation on the walls system.
3. Improved wall strength in the building envelope.
4. Similar, if not better, insulation values in the Timber Block wall system. R-30!
5. Huge savings in time (and therefore money) with the installation of the Timber Block home.

Hope that helps to answer some of the questions we have received on Timber Block versus a SIPS panel home…maybe on the next update, we’ll review the Log Home Energy Efficiency report and compare log homes/log cabins versus Timber Block.