You’ve been dreaming about your future log home for a long time. Making plans, designs, and certainly thinking about what you want your ideal home to look and feel like once you are inside enjoying it.

Your staircase is an aspect of your home that is important – it obviously stands out, and can set the tone for the rest of your home! We’ve decided to show you a few examples of what our Timber Block home owners have done with their stairs, staircases, and railings! This may give you some ideas!

As you can see, there are so many different styles of stairs! You can basically do what you want to make your dream home truly unique and personal to you!

All Timber Block homes, whether you build right from our stock plan from any of our series – Classic, Ranch, Vintage or Contemporary, or from your own ideas, can be completely customized to suit you. In fact, at least 80-90 percent of our home owners do customize their home in some way! And as you likely have noticed, many customers have Timber Block homes that are completely different than any other home we’ve seen!

When you build a Timber Block home, it’s good to know, every one of our homes has R-30 wall insulation. All of our homes can be delivered anywhere in the world, and most homes (under 3000) can be delivered on one truck. This saves BIG TIME on delivery costs!

Your Timber Block home can be built much quicker than most traditional log homes, or conventional or “stick-built” homes. AND, when building a log home, there is generally quite a bit of maintenance that goes along with it. Thanks to the Timber Block patented system built process, the logs of your home are cut, insulated, stained, bonded under 6000 pounds of pressure, thru-bolted over 24 inches into panels in the quality controlled environment of our factory. The walls are delivered the day before or day of your wall raising. The wall raising takes just a few hours, and is able to be dried in within a couple of weeks. This cuts down on time and money – plus your are able to live in your dream home much quicker!

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