We are over a month into 2015, and while it seems like time is flying by and spring isn’t that far off!

When it comes to building a new home, it is absolutely not too late to start plans for your new home for a spring construction start – which means actually enjoying your dream new home this summer! This is possible when you build a Timber Block home. Why? You can thank our patented system building process.


Here’s a  basic timeline.

-Your first step is your floor plan. (This is assuming you have your land. If you don’t have your land, our Timber Block pros can help with that as well. We have the ability to help you choose land that will suit your wants and needs, plus we can discuss the things you need to know when purchasing land. Remember: Timber Block homes are able to be built anywhere – even remote locations for those looking for a true getaway!) Timber Block has a team of architects that will work with you to modify a current floor plan, or create your perfect plan from scratch.

Boulder-FP (1024x663)

-Once your floor plan is finished, your home goes into production. Your wood is cut, sanded, stained, bonded under thousands of pounds of pressure, and thru bolted every 24 inches. This process is a patented process that ensures the absolute highest quality. This takes a few weeks. (Talk to a dealer/salesperson near you to get a good understanding of the length of time).


-Your wall raising. Once the walls of your home are ready to go, they area stacked and delivered to your build site (During production, this is when your builder or General Contractor had prepped the build site and completed the foundation). The wall raising is literally mere hours.


-Dry-in. This process takes roughly about 7-10 days.

-Interior. This will be completed with you and your builder. Talk with your builder to determine a timeline. (Again, if you need help with finding a builder, we have a list of reputable builders).


Thanks to our quicker construction process, you are able to move into your new home much faster than the traditional – or stick-built – way of building.


To find out more about how you can get your new home plans started, call us at 866-929-5647 or email infonc@timberblock.com.

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