So, you’re thinking about starting the process of building your own home. Of course, one of the first things (and most fun!) you will want to do is decide on a floor plan.

stock plan

Timber Block makes this part very easy for you. First we offer dozens of stock plans in 4 different series. Each of these stock plans were carefully planned – with each stock plan designed for a certain home owner in mind.


Many companies who offer stock plans are not able to customize their stock plans. So, you are forced to accept the stock plan as is, without making changes.

The difference between a Timber Block stock plan and other stock plans is ours are completely customizable. Need more kitchen space? Check! Need an extra bedroom? Check? Your favorite stock plan doesn’t include a pantry? That’s okay, we can take care of that!


Timber Block has a team of designers that work with each of our home owners to make sure the day they move in to their new home, they are 100 percent satisfied.


What is the difference between a stock plan and a custom plan? With Timber Block, choosing a stock plan with no changes, is just that – it’s going to be built exactly how you see it. As mentioned, you can modify a stock plan, or you can build a full custom home as well.


What exactly is a custom plan? A custom Timber Block home is when you and our design team come together and create a home straight from your own ideas. The beauty of this is….we can do it! We have the ability to build your home just the way you want it.


Ask about our ability to save you money by design

There are ways you can save money by design. Be sure to ask your Timber Block representative how. Call us anytime at 866-929-5647 or email

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