Timber Block Panelized Homes utilizes a patented system building process. We have used this concept since the inception of Timber Block, and since than, we have built hundreds of homes in all types of settings and locations across the world. Our home owners have enjoyed the many benefits of the system built home.

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Why a system built home?

The walls of our homes are constructed in a quality controlled environment: our factory. This allows your wood to be protected, and not exposed to the elements of weather – among several other benefits.


Also, because the walls of your home are constructed in our factory, your home will have a schedule: you will know the delivery date of your home in advance, allowing you and your builder or general contractor to take the necessary steps to prepare your land and foundation.


Your Timber Block system built home will be delivered on-site, and the walls are able to go up in just hours. Not to mention, we have had wall raisings in snow, rain and sleet – it’s rare construction would be delayed due to weather. All of these factors allows the home owner to move in within weeks, not months or even years.

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Thanks to the system built home advantage, our engineered homes are energy efficient. We inject a high density polyurethane insulated directly into your wood – a patented process we are very proud of – and one that results in R-30 to R-36 wall insulation.


Save Money!

When you can build a home weeks or months faster, that means there will be savings on construction costs. In addition, because of Timber Block’s flat stacking process, the walls of a home – 3000 square feet or less – can be delivered on one truck – saving on delivery costs. And finally, thanks to the ability to build a highly energy efficient home, the home owner’s energy bills will be significantly lower.


Other advantages

While we have several floor plans in 4 different series (Classic, Vintage, Craftsman and Contemporary), any of the plans can be modified just how you want. Plus, we can built a full custom home as well.


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