This has been something we touch on a regular basis, and we do this for a couple of reasons. Timber block homes are all system built, and it’s why Timber Block stands out over the traditionally built home.

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What are the advantages to the system built home? There are many:

-all exterior walls in our system built home are assembled in our factory. This is very important, and one of the top benefits. Why? Because your walls are completely protected from the weather elements. This is especially important when building a log home. Many times, when someone has decided to build a log home, the logs are dropped off on the build site-and often WAY before the logs are actually going to be stacked. This opens up risk to the logs. They can be rained on, hailed on, they could suffer wind damage, and of course, bugs and other creatures absolutely love to get at wood! When your logs are stacked inside our factory, each one is completely protected from all of that. In fact. Your walls won’t even be delivered until a day or 2 before the wall raising!


-system built homes also saves time. For those who have built their own home, many may say construction was delayed, and that goes back to weather-weather can always play a factor in any sort of construction. But with Timber Block system built homes, once the date has been set between you and Timber Block and your home goes into production, we know how long construction takes, so that gets rid of many delays, and as they say, time is money! Not only that, but a faster built home means you get to enjoy the home of your dreams a lot sooner!

-a system built home means a perfect fit! Because we cut, insulate, sand, bond and stack the logs in our quality controlled factory, your logs will fit together beautifully. And everyone building a home wants it to be beautiful!


-a system built home also means less delivery. Because the logs are stacked at Timber block system built homes, they are also able to be stacked just right, saving tons of space on the truck. In fact, a home up to 3000 square feet can most likely be able to be delivered on on truck! Again, this saves tons of money on delivery costs!

windows. We prep the window areas also in our factory. The areas are cut out and protected before the walls are delivered- this ensures a perfect fit and easy installation on site!

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